100 Days of Coding – 00

I’m starting the 100 days of coding challenge. My idea is to work in a blend of Python and Powershell to learn to do some of the things I do now with Powershell and to extend my Powershell skills. There is a book I’ll be using, by Prateek Singh entitled Powershell Guide to Python.

Areas of focus:

  •  git
  • VS Code integration
  • Windows administration
  • Forensics
  • Reporting
  • vmWare

Today I’m going to install Python and integrate it with VS Code… And, that was embarrassingly easy for a least a basic install. I wonder if there is a way to get a cleaner terminal experience. Or even to get IDLE to work in the terminal. One of the powershell conference videos mentioned a way to open multiple terminals with Windows Powershell in one and PS Core in the other. Could this be done with Powershell in one and Python in the other?

Steps to integrate git & python to VScode:

How to Setup VSCode for Python and GitHub Integration


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